Legion of Mary to visit homes in Cathedral Parish


Visitation of Homes in Parish

Our retired Pontiff, Pope Benedict XVI, declared 2013 a ‘Year of Faith’. In his declaration he appealed particularly that priests would reach out from their parish churches and make contact again with those who, for different reasons, have lapsed or grown indifferent to the Catholic faith. He urged Priests, indeed all Christians, to make Christ’s love known again to the world. In response to Pope (Emeritus) Benedict’s appeal, the priests of the Cathedral parish, Fr Ted and Fr Tomás, have enlisted the help of the Legion of Mary in home-to-home visitation. Consequently, over the next two weeks members of the Legion will visit the roads of our parish with a personal invitation to those who have lapsed to return again to the Catholic faith. We ask God to bless this undertaking – that lapsed members will be touched by God’s grace and come to the realisation that away from God’s friendship they cannot find the happiness that they search for and desperately need. Also, we ask God’s blessings on members of the Legion of Mary who will give generously of time and energy to make this initiative a success.

blessed virgin mary photo: Mary Blessed Virgin 8f3518c4.jpg

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